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Have you been experiencing:

  • PTSD-like flashback symptoms of sexual abuse or assault, such as vivid, lifelike nightmares, panic or fear as a result of certain triggers, or the need to "scan" the room for possible threats? 
  • Feelings of sadness in situations that should be happy, trouble sleeping, appetite changes, irritability and more?
  • Clenching feelings in your chest, sudden sense of unease and fear, stomach pains, and trouble focusing?
Any one of these symptoms could be a sign of post-traumatic stress, depression, panic disorder, or anxiety. I have seen these symptoms and more in my clients who have been through sexual trauma. 

Wherever you live, you should know there is help. But if you live in Texas, it's possible that I might be able to work with you directly to provide that help. 

I am licensed in the state of Texas to provide professional counseling services, which means I have a master's degree in counseling from Dallas Baptist University and have completed the 3000 hour training under supervision required to receive a license to practice. 

I meet with clients in Dallas out of my office on Hillcrest Plaza Drive at 635 & Hillcrest near Texas Instruments. 

But I ALSO meet with clients who live in other areas of Texas (or who cannot drive to my office) via secure online counseling

If you live in Texas and would like to work with me either in my office in Dallas or virtually through secure online videoconference, it's easy to contact me here at survivorisaverb @ (Remove spaces before emailing!) You can also call OR text me at 214-810-2224. Please note that no regular email or phone line is completely secure, but I am the only one who checks my messages!

Within 48 business hours (often less) you should expect a response. If you don't get a response back, please contact me again a different way! I want to hear from you.

My heart is that if you want to work with me in particular, we will find a financial solution that will work for you. For some that might mean applying for my sliding scale fee schedule or, if available, the limited number of low-income spots I keep especially for survivors of sexual trauma. For others that might mean coming in for an appointment once or twice a month instead of once a week. If you need support for your healing journey and you feel I am the right one to help with that, we will find a way to work it out. 

I'm here to help!

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